Friday 20 May 2022

A look toward the future

With just days Togo before I will get to welcome Prunella Prudence’s newest litter into our lives, I thought it just awesome to receive this image today. It’s  Basil, a rather dashing almost adult boy, born to her last July (2021) using the same male. Isn’t he a gorgeous boy? He has his dads solid blue colouring & green eyes, but has his mums lighter frame & more pointed face shape. He is currently no longer the baby in his home as a “sibling” dog named Meg where he lives has recently birthed her first (& only!) litter of 6 pups. Basil is keen to engage with them though as you can see here

Prune is eating like there’s no tomorrow: she is usually a delicate little eater but with babies imminent who are piling on the last few grams ready to make their appearance & Pru’s milk reserves getting ready to be called upon she is hoovering up much much more than usual, about 4 x more than she would usually get through! 

Here’s a sweet picture I got last night taken in extreme close up with her perched upon my chest as she craftily stops me from knitting!  I’m very happy to set it aside a while to give her the comfort she is plainly after. 

There’s movement being felt from both sides when my hands cup her belly while she rests. Clearly there’s lots of stretching of limbs going on. Her breast tissue has become more pronounced and the markedly dark black pigmentation I’ve seen arrive again around her genitals snd anus in the latter stages of pregnancy is now also very evident on the backs of her legs. Obviously it’s a hormonally driven occurrence as it’s occurred in each pregnancy she has had, however I don’t really know if historically this darkened skin would serve and kind of evolutionary purpose ??? While I’ve mentioned it here several times I’m not going to bother her to try to get her to “pose” for photographs so unless I get any during Labour & birth that show it it’s unlikely I can show this. 

Hopefully the best time I update the website will be news of kittens, so do check back for news, and, as always, if you are considering adding a Sphynx kitten to your life now or in the future lease do get in touch. We are always very happy to chat & answer any questions you might have about caring for & living with the breed. See you soon x