Monday 2 August 2021

The boys have been testing out their skills! One task they seem keen on it trying to climb up the fabric padding insulating their nest. In this video they were doing the climbing as I began to film but they lost interest. I soon noticed “Pud” the little black lad had one of his sharp claws caught. Note to self  to clip the sharp points off tomorrow (they do get caught in the towel I place them on to feed as well so it’s over due having not been done since 1 day after their birth!)

Their little teeth are being tested - on each other and the teats as I feed them. They’re changing how they suckle so a dish is going to need to be introduced very soon now. That’s progress, but I’ll miss my little one on one feedings. They’ll still get milk from me for some weeks yet and will continue to suckle mum as long as she will allow them to. I haven’t seen her push them off or yell as they nip her as yet and she still visits regularly to offer them nursing. It’s always a little comical and ungainly when she decides to get up when they’re suckling and they tumble over, but when she next comes back they’ll soon go to nuzzle in to feed again and she’ll settle down needing to be in some weird positions to accommodate them. 

Still waiting for the extra cot bumpers to arrive for the pen. The first ones were a completely different design than I’d expected so I’ve had to re-buy more! Oops!