Tuesday 24 August 2021

I know, I know, I’ve been lax…

 Prune is hiding but the owners of these these two little bottoms are purring away having located her!

Catching some rats! 

Headless mum - hiding fail! 

 I’ve neglected my duties in updating the blog. I’m sorry about that.

All is well, the chaps are growing and access all areas… well, the bits they can reach or scramble up onto anyway. 

Their appetites are phenomenal and the enthusiasm they show is so sweet. Humphrey (Black kitten has been named) is always first in the queue. If he’s hungry and he thinks I’m headed that way he races as fas as he can to be in front . If I’m busy in the kitchen it’s one of the blue chaps who may turn up and meow as loud as he can telling me that he is destitute & can he please get some food if I have some spare. As of yesterday I open two pouches at every feed of which they have 4 or 5 plus they are suckling mum still whilst the cacophony of loud purring goes on. It’s a joyous sound I miss terribly when they’re gone. Now that they know where mum hangs out (a heat mat on my bed under a blanket) she has no escape! 

AA a As expected, as soon as they were physically able to they have abandoned their previous sleeping facilities and joined the clan.

Today, Prune has had a little outing as we went to visit Luca Ferasin, an awesome accredited veterinary cardiologist as she was overdue for her annual scan having had it delayed due to Covid, then pregnancy (pregnant cats should not  be scanned Her scan was slightly delayed due to the timing of her pregnancy so, now that the lads can manage ok without her for a few hours I took her along to be scanned. I sat in the car in the sunshine as Covid means pet owners cannot attend while Prune was examined. It takes around 40-50 minutes As expected her scan was absolutely perfect with no defects or irregularities. I’m so delighted, she’s a stunning healthy girl. 

Poor thing though she’d been starved from 9pm the night before, and no water from 9am. These measures taken in case they need to give sedation. Roughly 2-3% of cats require sedation however Prune has never been one of them and behaved impeccably. This morning before she realised we were heading out, she was looking at me an expression of pleading in her eyes since the boys were demanding her milk while I was denying her sustenance to produce it. We made up for it when we got home! All is well.