Friday 20 August 2021

A choir of kittens

Do please watch this with your sound on for the ultimate listening experience!

Now free to roam at will the kittens have quickly sussed out where the adults go to, and can scrabble upward to reach them. Getting down might be another matter if I’ve not remembered to nonchalantly (errrr… strategically) lay a throw to act as a scrabble net, but like all kittens, once in a situation they adopt an attitude of do or d…. Yell. Yes, that’s the word, yell! They’re pretty bullet proof and will scrabble fall the first few times and quickly develop yhe musculature to transition with fluidity and grace. 

The speed of progress right now is crazy, amongst their ordinance survey skills is the linking of the hitherto unknown area us hoomans call Kitchen with the stuff of dreams that is food. Having now decided they REALLY like that meat stuff and that it comes from the land of kitchen, when offered milk it appears of little concern. Such stark contrast to the desperation of the catchers mitt grabbing of the teat a few days ago! They’re learning that me calling “kittens, kittens, heralds food, but they’ll still try their luck by following me hopefully even if I’ve only gone to the kitchen to make tea or put something into the bin. I turn round to see a chain of kittens following, each with their tail raised with the jaunty little kinked tip of interest. Do you speak cat? The tail is used to convey a lot of emotions and so it’s worthwhile learning tail gestures as well as to read or tel your kitten or cat “I love you” . 

Prune is liking the fact that they’re interested in meat and, just as she did with her last litter, she is now dedicatibg herself to providing them with prey or encouraging hunting opportunities by bringing them toy mice. Noodle bless her never gave up the bringing of mice after the last kittens left and so still regularly rings the dinner bell announcing a successful hunt . She has noticeably upped the anti. So I’m just waiting now for Floozy to learn this skill too and begin teaching her class m!  At the mo she’s become distracted again  being back into heat in a very short cycle, Hopefully with autumn coming they’ll tail off for her now.