Monday 3 September 2018

It's The Final Countdown

Well, Noodle has just had her last weekend of peace for a while and as I write there are just 2-4 days left until her litter is due to arrive.

This video was taken on Saturday 1st September 2018 as she slept soundly which allows the best chance to see her kittens inside. See too how her breasts are filled with the milk her kittens will need to sustain them.

I have noticed as she gets ever wider that when compared to last week's video the kitten's kicks are less prominent. I think there's much less room now for them to move about.

Noodle seems restless, definitely, she is uncomfortable. When she can she is sleeping but meantime, when awake she is packing away calories eating loads and then spending time going back and forth checking out the quiet space I have made for her away from our peppy & provocative Prune.

Closed off from Prune, the room surfaces and floor have been anti-bac'd. There is a litter tray, food food and clean water and a roomy cardboard box lined with a towel and vet bedding over the top of her beloved electric heat mat placed at one end (she must have room to get off the mat to regulate her temperature). The whole box is sheltered & is dimmed by having a blanket over the top cocooning her safely within.

Because it is a Prune Free Zone I am keeping the door closed, but Noodle's natural instinct to keep revisiting it, means that I too have to go back and forth to allow her access in and out!

I have been continuing on with the homoeopathic remedies for cat pregnancy too. As I mentioned last week, of those that are listed as useful during feline pregnancy and labour, I chose to just the two that I felt would be most beneficial to Noodle deciding that, while the others have their benefits, if she was at a stage where those might be useful I would prefer to be visiting my vet for help.

Anyway, it was time today not only to give Noodle the last of her pre-labour doses of caullophyllum which she has been having this twice per week over the last fortnight but also to add in a drop of Arnica too. This she will have daily until the third day after giving birth and is to assist her in healing from the trauma and bruising caused by the birthing process.

For more information about the homoeopathic remedies I have used during this pregnancy & labour, please visit www.animalhomeopathy.co.uk

Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire will be back with an update when our kittens have arrived so watch this space!