Thursday 13 September 2018

A video to melt your heart...

Here are our new babies, both female tandem feeding at 1am this morning after being born by cesarean section. The anaesthetic is wearing off and food is beginning sought by these hungry eager to feed mouths. 

Noodle has another battle wound that she is trying to keep clear of those Freddie Cruger claws that these kittens are born with, while those noses will guide them to any fleshy bump which is frequently one that is to be found in her row of stitching.

The kitten who, due to her Twisted Legs, has gained the name Wonky is managing well, and, despite her lesser size, is not at all shy when dealing with food. Those limbs are weight bearing all of her 86 gram body weight, and we have already begun the first physio sessions by flexing and stretching her contracted limbs. 

Her larger sister was born with her already eyes half open and so far seems seams less eager to feed or move around but weighed in at 118g this morning's weigh in at 10am after I had finally a better night of rest.