Monday 17 September 2018

Goodbye my sweet Wonky

Poor little Wonky, my valiant little girl who was gaining weight and improving so much, has sadly died tonight.

I came up to the nursery to do her last lot of eye drops and another set of leg exercises and thought that she was curled up asleep. Since her bigger sister was mid-feed I thought I would get on and do Wonky's eyes and exercises first lifted her out, only to find her unresponsive & gone. There was absolutely nothing I could do, it was too late. I believe her mum may have accidentally smothered her.

She has in her short life received a lot of love, from her mum, from me, and from the wider world of the online Sphynx community, breeders and owners alike all over the world. She touched many more hearts than just mine and taught me a lot.

I learned first about her determination to survive an emergency cesarean birth when the odds were not stacked in her favour and I learned about the occurrence of Twisted Leg Syndrome and how little is known or told by vets when kittens are born like this. I learned how to begin to treat it and how much support was there for us in doing so.

I genuinely believed that in a few weeks time she would be walking and running around normally, getting up to kitten mischief....so perfect that if one did not know of her start in life, then they would never ever suspect it. Fate has dealt us a rotten hand tonight taking her away before we could ever get to witness it.

I love you little Wonky. Bye sweet girl πŸ’”πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’”