Wednesday 12 September 2018

Quite a day....

Noodle is now home, in some pain as you would expect having had her abdomen opened and a spay but is purring and as attention seeking as ever, wanting full congratulations for her starring role as a new mum!

She did indeed have three kittens, however sadly, one, a male was born asleep. He had not been gone many days, but the chord had failed and there had been no blood coming from the placenta.

The two remaining kittens are both females.. one is bigger than the other with the smaller one described to me by my vet as having deformities and yet the one most eager to breath and feed despite the effects of an anaesthetic at their birth.

I worried what I would see or even if she would have given up but eventually a called and told me I could come along to pick up mum and two kittens. In came my vet, with what she then described as the wonky kitten, a word that has stuck in my mind and the moniker the kitten has been saddled with! The deformity is it seems not a deformity at all but something called Twisted Legs, caused by contracted tendons preventing a normal posture.

This is caused by not having enough room in the womb and can affect one, two or all four limbs and to different extents. The Legs/arms confined cannot flex and stretch during development causing this deformed appearance. The good news is it is possible with intensive massage and physio several times a day for weeks to come this kitten with her Twisted back Legs could become absolutely normal with full function and posture. Kittens who don't get early therapy can have surgery, in fact surgery may be an option even for those who do receive therapy. The positive message here is that this condition can be dealt with!

This is not Wonky's only issue... again, not as awful as I had expected.... I was told that her heart could be seen beating inside her chest because the bones of her sternum don't meet. It's true there is a small gap, and I don't know how this will look as she grows, but perhaps as with her legs, this is also something that will resolve or improve in some way? If not, for a cat kept indoors always, and with a normal appearance, as long as she is otherwise strong and healthy, she deserves a chance, and this is what I have decided she deserves having fought so hard to come through today.

So dear little Wonky is feeding well and totally unaided, and delightedly so to is her bigger, lazier sister. Oddly she is born with her eyes already half open, which is something that gave me momentary pause when when bending down to see her earlier on. I wonder what moniker she will gain to be known by for a few weeks?

I'm in for some hard work and long nights for a while, but this is the life I chose when deciding to breed. Of course, now spayed Noodle's breeding days are now prematurely finished, but, she has fulfilled her role and what she is on this earth to do, to procreate. For her, not so much will change.... she will no longer be ravaged by hormones causing her to seek a mate, and will continue to live the pampurred, much loved and admired life she always has since becoming my naked baby.

Maybe one of these delightful newly born girls will become a new member of your family in a few weeks? If you have questions or want an update please do contact me by email Using the link below or if you prefer, by using our contact form in the menu on the right.

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