Monday 17 September 2018

Day 5 in the Nest

3 hungry ladies

What a pair super cuties these new girls are! Mind you, while they look like butter wouldn't melt, they are being very demanding of their mum. Despite being so small, one of them is somehow is able to emit the loudest screams which she does with frequency as she gets frustrated at being unable to find a teat fast enough. I have decided therefore her temporary name will be Diva.

On Friday we visited the vet for Noodle to have a wound check. She continues on a short course of antibiotic cover but is healing nicely despite her daughters feeling that they can try to feed from the wound. The evidence is clear of that as they have muzzled that have become blackened with dried blood! 

While at the surgery the nurses came in one by one eager to see how mum and babies were doing Those that hadn't been on duty on Wednesday when they were born also came in to see our new little family.

Since both kittens had fully open eyes within 36 hours of their birth, Diva's were half open at birth and fully open within 24 hours and Wonky's were open by Thursday evening I have been given an ophthalmic lubricant to use on each of them applied 3-4 times daily to ensure that their eyes do not become dry or get damaged.

Noodle is doing a great job of supplying them with plenty of nutritious milk and both grow a little each day with small weight gains just as you would expect. I am always bowled over at the strength and stamina of these tiny beings as their instincts drive them constantly to survive.

Yesterday afternoon ( Sunday ) I noted that Noodle felt able and allowed herself to leave them in the nest snuggled up together sleeping while she enjoyed  a little "me time".  I am sure that did her some good as she ambled on her exercise wheel, thankfully not running at full pelt yet after her surgery. She also enjoyed a little re-bonding with Prune.

Wonky's physio sessions continue with much improvement noted. I feel very hopeful, having spoken to many people who have had kittens born with TLS, that she will completely get over this.