Tuesday 11 September 2018

Is Noodle Too Posh To Push???

Hey everyone,

Well, today is day 68.

On Friday afternoon day 64, Noodle had a show as her mucus plug came away. I thought, wow, she is off and birth would follow in the next few hours. As arranged, I called my vets to let them know, just in case I needed any help for her.

And I have spoken to the vet and my other breeder friends too, every day since. All this is normal

Last night (Monday) at around 6.30pm her waters broke... This must surely must be it now!
But as yet, despite small quantities of liquid tinged with small amount of blood, she is still showing absolutely no sign of having contractions.

I called the vet again at 9am. We decided to wait 2 more hours. Then at 10:45 I took her for an examination where met a new vet Finn. He had read all her health records and importantly info about her last pregnancy/birth history.

While purring away, Noodle was checked all over "she's big isn't she" Finn declares! He listens with his stethoscope but says that with her loud purring he could not possibly pick out Kitten heart beats.

He asked me about her behaviours and I explain that she is eating, drinking and even running on her   wheel at which he commended upon her dedication to fitness.

Next came taking her rectal temperature. I've been taking her temperature at home here with an IR 'gun' rather than doing it rectally. I do have the right thermometer to do it but cannot hold it in place as well as hold her still on my own. Anyway, all was declared fine there too.

We discussed her being on day 68/69 now which is a concern. But then considered the fact that my count from the first mating could be cause for a miscounted due date since cats can hold sperm alive inside for several days before conception occurs. Even so, the fact that she had her show on Friday and her waters went yesterday means that kittens are ready.

A shot of Oxytocin he explained cannot be given without there being contractions so there was nothing at all he could do to induce or bring on the contractions. But he did offer an ultrasound to at least see Kitten heart beats and gauge their health to help me make a decision. So Noodle was taken through for this which took about 5 minutes.

She was very vocal during but I learned that the three kittens were all of a good size, that he saw two good heartbeats but that the third Kitten was laying in a position where he could not get a good scan.

Finally we discussed the big questions.. what to do now?  And do we intervene?

I'm very reluctant to do this. She had an emergency c-section last year. At that time the decision was easy since she was very distressed, while her labour having started the night before with waters breaking also didn't progress. But her behaviours were that of a cat wanting to give birth. Hours of digging and a lot of fluid loss. This failure was put down to her having only one kitten since is thought that the second Kitten's pressure coming from behind is what helps birth to get going.

This is so very different to what I am seeing in her now. There is no distress and as there are multiple kittens this failure should not be a consideration.

If a c-section was required again, I would definitely ask for a spay at the same time. I just could not put her through a third pregnancy if this was the outcome now. Finn said even if I didn't spay,  second C-section scarring would likely render her unable to conceive anyway so a spay would be their advice too.

So do I elect and end her breeding days or not? If I elect there is less risk to her and her babies, though there is some risk as with all anaesthetics. Whereas if I wait and an emergency occurs then the risks all around are much greater.

There is a lot to weigh up. Her health and wellbeing is vital;  she is my beloved pet.

I would love to give her every opportunity to have a healthy natural birth with healthy babies at the end of that to nurture. I would love her to retain the possibility to have future litters too. But not at cost of her or her babies now.

So, I came away having chosen to give her a little longer and I hope very, very much to provide joyous news soon.

Thanks to all my friends for their love and support over these anxious days helping me not to panic! Thank you to all those waiting eagerly for news. I promise to update the page as soon as I have more news.