Wednesday 29 August 2018

Seeing & feeling babies moving in her tummy

What an amazing privilege it is to be able to feel and see kittens moving about inside of this gorgeous cat as she sleeps. We are delighted that we are able to share with you this very intimate moment in a video taken over the bank holiday weekend.

Typical of sod's law it that just as I stopped filming, a table tennis ball sized bump appeared pushing upwards for a moment - this can only have been a little head!

As of today, Noodle has just 8 days of her pregnancy left, or thereabouts, depending on when her labour begins. Usually, feline pregnancy is 63-65 days (counted from the date of first mating) but it can be up to 70 days.

What amazes me further is that she is still spending a little time each day running like the clappers on her exercise wheel. She is eating significantly more each day and is sleeping a lot, all of which is to be expected given that her body is doing such a magnificent job of incubating her growing kittens during this final stage of their development before birth.

I have a quiet room prepared for her should she wish to be on her own (ie away from Prune) when labour begins and so allow her time in there each day, with the door shut, so she can get some peace. She lets me know if she wants to go in or out, all cues coming from her.

As to Noodle's relationship with Pru during this pregnancy. I still don't think Prune has cottoned on at all that Noodle is changed in any way - well,  maybe excepting that her size has slowed her down some which has made her a slightly easier target in a game of chase. They still will seek one another out, with both just as always, taking it in turns to instigate games.  Having said that, Prune will get vociferously rebuffed when her exuberance is mistimed and disturbs a snuggly sleep!