Friday 10 August 2018

Week 5 Update

Does my bum look big in this? Prune is having a close-up check!
As you can see, from the accompanying photos which were taken at different times of the day on 9th August, with exactly 4 weeks to go until her confinement date of September 6th,  Noodle is getting very wide around her tummy as her kittens grow. 

Now fully formed miniature Sphynx cats they will each be around 3-5cm long at this stage.

We are preparing for their arrival, and over the next couple of weeks would expect to begin to observe Noodle looking for her nesting site, though her favourite place is always her heated mat.

She is not running on her exercise wheel nearly as much as she was though sometimes will get on and run on it simply to stop Prune from chasing her around since Prune does not use the wheel in the way Noodle does. 

Prune meanwhile now 10 months old continues to behave as a boisterous kitten with her favourite game still to frequently ambush Noodle jumping onto her. SHe reminds me of a professional footballer because as she walks by, thinking the referee won't notice, she will deliberately stick the boot in eliciting a hiss and wallop response from the mum to be.

Look at her expression in the photo below. She looks utterly worn out doesn't she? Bless her, its defo time for bed. Night Night!

It's 11pm and I want to go to bed NOW!