Friday 17 August 2018

Week 6 update

Fresh from her pamper session,
bath, ear clean & mani-pedi
With just 3 weeks now left until her due date Noodle is feeling the weight of her expanding tummy. Hormones are playing a role causing her to wonder about meowing but not really knowing why she is doing so.

We are enjoying periods where there are lots of purrs & plenty of attention seeking, but whereas in her first pregnancy she was relaxed and open to touch on her tummy, this time she is not quite so chilled. I can see her teets are enlarged & so well be ready for feeding those hungry babies.

She is eating plenty & having lots of power naps & doing rather well.
Time to snooze

I have now gone ahead and have set up a quiet room for Noodle to have her babies in, so she can be away from Prune who simply doesn't have a clue that soon she won't be the baby of the household anymore! Earlier this week, having been out for a couple of hours I came home to find a wound on Noodle's neck, a sign that with her growing tummy she is slowing down and can't get away so fast from her overzealous 'sister'.

When Noodle allows it though, they will still share space and sleep peacefully together, but in the main Noodle is choosing solitude away from Prune & her pranks.