Friday 1 July 2022

All change!

So what’s happened since last I wrote - well first, baths that’s what! 

I learned early on in my career not to attempt all kittens at the same time… wet kittens going in every direction was a nightmare, so I do them one by one and at this little size I use the kitchen sink - saving water - and my rickety old back. 

Warm water in the bowl and a separate jug of water for the final rinse, a warm towel and Johnson’s baby shampoo at the ready one by one each kitten had their first experience of being immersed in water and I’m delighted to say that each behaved well. The first was happy to sit a while, whereas each that came after decided to get out but did not object when being put back and bathed. I let them get used to the feeling them I get on with soaping them by pouring some shampoo into my palm then rubbing my hands together then picking kitty up and standing them on the draining board I wash from neck down to tail all down the back and under tummy, then both front legs making sure to go into the folds at the armpit. I then soap the paws before doing the same with the back legs taking care at the leg crease folds. Lastly the genitals and it’s time to get back into the bath for a rinse off removing most of the soap. The jugged clean water used last of all after lifting kitty clear of the water. Wrapped quickly into a towel and dried off, next it’s face, ear and claw cleaning. The face is done with plain water in two half’s. The eye on the first side is wiped first with dampened cotton wool to remove any dried on debris, then around the side of the face and to the mouth and chin. Then a fresh swab for the other side. This avoids any infections that could be present being passed from one eye to the other. Next ears. Ear cleaner is dripped into the ear canal and this is immediately massaged in at the base of the ear. It’s important that this is immediate otherwise they will shake their head to remove the liquid. With the cleanser distributed, fresh dry cotton wool is used to soak up the liquid then this is wiped around inside the ear shell. I then make a twist and use this to go deeper into the ear to remove any gunk. This being the first ever clean I was rather impressed there wasn’t too much! Once the ear is done you can allow the head shake before working on the other. Next the claws are cleaned of built up gunk and clipped as necessary. I find baby wipes are the best at clearing the claws of this oily build up. Job done! Don’t worry, if you are a soon to be new parent of a Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kitten, the full instructions for all of these processes is in the care book you’ll receive in your kitten pack. 

So, 4 clean kittens have been eating well and growing like mad. And getting stronger. Climbing is now a regular occurrence and so came the time to dismantle the pen. No one had got out of it yet but I did not want someone to make an attempt and come to harm if they got stuck. Better to remove it and allow them their freedom. And this is what we did this evening.

They were so not sure what to do with this newfound freedom. They seemed at first a bit frozen by the new scope opened up. However it never takes long to gain courage and soon they were off exploring the room , with one even going a few steps into the hallway. Soon skittish play began and both adults joined in with this to some extent especially when the first kitten climbed up onto the sofa - but had no clue how to get down - A fall from seat height soon solved that little conundrum. 8 lives left!

So here I am writing and in my lap warm as toast is a sleeping kitten sleep climbed up here and seemingly felt too tired to do more!