Saturday 9 July 2022

Second baths & crazy antics

Tonight (Saturday) the kittens & the adults all had baths, the babies being much better behaved than the grown ups! They are now all neat and tidy ready for their first ever outing as they visit the vet for their first health check, 1st vaccinations & their microchip implant on Monday. Normally I’d do the bath tomorrow but it’s my birthday & I may not have the time to do all the baths, ears & claws due to seeing family. 

Their feeding is going so well, there are absolutely no issues with their eating or digestion & no issues with litter tray use either! They are drinking water from the bowls of water & enjoying lots of play & sleep. I love when they decide they are sleepy & these little warm bundles climb onto my lap or snuggle in at my side to snooze away for a while. Sometimes I end up with a puddle of kittens & stay as still as possible for as long as possibly so as not to end their slumber.  

Once they wake again it’s time for running, climbing, jumping, pouncing, stalking, attacking. Today I’ve taken some toys up & put down a Y shaped play tunnel which has been mightily popular. There is a peep hole where the Y intersection meets - they’ll learn that this is both an escape route or an ideal position for a surprise attack ! They’re so busy!