Monday 4 July 2022

Just lovin’ life!

This is a dynamic time for the kittens. In their 7th week, they have already undergone dramatic change from the tiny almost helpless, yet doggedly  (cattedly?) determined newborns with tiny sealed folded in ears, eyes tightly shut to the marauding little hoodlums they are today with their satellite dish ears & keen sighted eyes that don’t miss a thing… I continue to be awed at nature’s capacity to not only create in a hurry (63 days from mating to newborn) to these independent characterful creatures learning the skills of life. Despite the life of luxurious domesticity they are destined to enjoy, evolution is in its full force as they play together rough-housing, they’re learning the skills of hunting & of overcoming their prey (or surviving a predator) practicing on each other. They swiftly learn the art of deception, crying out “I’m hurt” in order that a sibling loosens their grip only to take advantage moments later cashing on on their siblings duplicity by turning the tables. It’s endlessly fascinating & amusing as it looks exactly like the archetypal mischievous kitten. I love their attempts to look bigger as they arch their back & face their “foe” sideways on, how they creep & prowl, pounce & run, climb &…. One wait, I don’t know how to get down! Meoooooow - translating to “human, come save me”.

As I was searching online for something on my phone today, beside me there was the odd squeak & some jostling going on.. I lifted my arm & got to watch this….