Monday 3 May 2021

Kittens - Yes please!

Prunella Prudence has been coming into her heat cycles in a big way this spring & so I’ve been trying to get her together with her chosen mate. This May Day bank holiday weekend everything finally came together & so Prune arrived at her destination today. By the time I had driven 106 miles home she & her beau had already begun what looks like a very successful honeymoon🥰😙🥰😙🥰😙🥰

So now we canquietly start to get excited. The important dates are shown in the image below. We count the first mating as day 1- we assume that mating to have been successful! 

Pregnancy is just 63-65 days. 

That’s 9 weeks. 

Or just over 2 months - to go from matings to fully formed kittens able to thrive on mother’s milk from outside of the womb! It’s mind boggling! 

Pinking up (as shown in the image) is the first landmark date. The term refers to the mother’s nipples which, by day 21 - if she is successfully pregnant - will have become a deep pinky-red colour & is the first clear outward sign by which we can confirm pregnancy and begin to plan & be ready to welcome her babies. She may have had morning sickness before this also. 

If you are interested in a Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kitten to be part of your family, so please email or message us to get the ball rolling.