Monday 24 May 2021

Day 21 Prune is PINKING!

It’s so exciting to FINALLY be able to let you know that Prune’s recent honeymoon has been successful &, while the weather outside is lousy my smile is shining brightly as I think about the adventure that’s just begun.

The next few weeks will be spent quietly with Prune eating lots of high quality food & growing her babies inside. Visually we will get to see her increasing “waistline” &, toward the end we will even get to see heads and legs as the soon to arrive kittens try to stretch their limbs in the rapidly decreasing space. 

It never stops amazing me that in just 63 days (from the first successful mating) cats produce fully formed young who emerge with well grown pristine clean needle like claws & with eyes (usually still closed) knowing instinctively that they need to scrabble to her teats. 

I say ‘eyes usually closed’ as I have had a previous litter born to Noodle who arrived on time with their eyes opened. To protect them the vet provided me with a prescription of gel. 

The cat & it’s instincts is both amazing & hilariously funny. My girls have never been outdoors, never seen a mouse & yet, when Prune produced her first litter of kittens in 2019, as they were weaning both she & Noodle began daily bringing toy mice to the kitten’s area. I’d take them away & back they’d come, the mice in mouth as both loudly called the children to eat. It is a sound unlike any other that they make. Furthermore Noodle has continued with her need to provide sustenance, to this day her favourite offering is a pink mouse with a yellow tail which she noisily arrives, urgently ringing her dinner gong. Sometimes she will only stop & put her prey item down when I ask her “have you caught a mousy?” 

They do this with no other toy, & believe me, there are many toys of similar size and feel. How do they, having never seen or eaten, nor even been outdoors, recognise that a mouse is a natural prey item, even when said mouse is pink? 

Anyway, where was I? umm yeah, KITTENS!!!! 

Prune is solid Black. She has intense yellow/green eyes. 

The sire is solid Blue. He has luscious green eyes.

Both parents undergo annual HCM heart screening & health checks.

All kittens will be SOLID coloured & be either blue or black with yellow/green or green eye colour.

Timescale as follows: 

Birth: approximately July 7th 2021

These Pedigree Sphynx Kittens will be ready for new homes at no less than 12 weeks old. They leave us fully weaned & vaccinated as well as microchipped & with 5 weeks of insurance.  This timeline takes us toward the end of September.

In-between this time, depending on the COVID-19  situation & how safe I feel, masked & sanitised personal viewings are open from week 8 when first vaccinations will have been given. Alternatively video call viewing is open at any time for those wishing to make an early reservation. 

If you have questions at all, or would like to be considered for any of these expected kittens please do contact me using the form available onsite or email directly to nakedsphynxcathants@icloud.com.