Tuesday 2 February 2021


 I have such disappointing news. 

Prune had been showing some very odd signage in regards to pregnancy. I felt it prudent to check to see what’s what and so I engaged the services of a mobile scanning technician who luckily had space to see me almost immediately. 

He arrived early, I handed Prune out of my front door, she was of course safely secured inside her carrier and I went indoors to wait.

After a short wait Kevin (the scanning technician) telephoned me to say he had finished the scan. He reported that both “forks” of Prune’s uterus are free from disease (Pyometra) but that there were no kittens. 

This was hard to hear but not entirely unexpected since her pinking has been coming and going and never got to the deep pink you’d expect to see. 

Cats do not abort but instead will reabsorb any lost embryos. This could be what has happened, but it is very difficult to know. She may never have been pregnant at all and giving these odd signs may well be down to something else entirely. 

So what next? Well, I need to catch Prune in heat. Not easy with her since she has what’s termed “silent heat” - she does not call or exhibit as cats normally do. As we head into longer days, the heat cycles should really kick in and speed up, so with the days getting longer in February and March, it won’t be long. 

Then, there’s just the small matter of getting her to her beau which, while we are in lockdown is not going to happen since he is in Gloucestershire. 

It’s terribly disappointing for us and for the wonderful people who are on our kitten waiting list, but don’t despair, there’s lots of time and scope. This is but a small delay and Prune’s kittens will be well worth the wait. Last year’s emptiness (as caused by COVID shielding and a triply broken ankle on my part) will not be allowed to get in the way this year! We will have kittens - just as soon as we possible can! Watch this space! 

Please email or message us if you would like to join our waiting list. Until next time, stay safe 🐾🐾❤️