Saturday 30 January 2021

Almost the end of January ‘21

All three girls had a bath night this evening, unlike some Sphynx cats, for my girls this is something they’d rather not have at all. As always after the bath, there was a period of joyful abandonment as they tore all over the place and then a settling down to groom which always makes me laugh since it seems as if its them showing me that I’m not doing an adequate job 🤣.

Pru is eating well, her pinking is much more visible now too but I’ve not seen her belly shape altering yet. I’d love to get a photo of her tummy showing the pinking but she is such a slippery character and trying to wrangle her and take a photo on my own is not working out. The image shown was taken after her bath when she had been ‘fleeced’ for extra warmth just in case it does turn icy again this weekend as predicted by the met office. I don’t think we will see any of the expected snow again though in my area. 

To be honest, I don’t as a rule dress my girls, my home is kept at around 21-22•c and they have PetNap heat mats and blankets they like to nose their way into - that or call me over to cover them over. I am their all to obliging slave after all! 

Stay warm & well folks. Stay home, keep distance. Wear a mask properly and be vigilant in your hygiene measures. Don’t for a moment let your guard down against this dreadful terrible virus.