Monday 11 January 2021

January 2021 - A pregnancy confirmation & update!

How Exciting!!! 

In the week leading up to Christmas Prunella Prudence (Prune) shown in the photos, was finally able to be mated with her handsome beau, Oz a gorgeous solid blue.

Prune returned home on December 23rd while we were still in Tier 2, & thankfully this time, she returned none the worst for wear (more on that below). It’s been an interesting 3 weeks what with Christmas, Tier 4, New Year and a lockdown while waiting for the clear visual signs of mating success. 

Slow at first to allow Oz to get close, they got their act together finally on the 4th day of her visit and so, I believe that she has “pinked” on time over the last 24 hours. (Pinking is expected 21 days after becoming pregnant)

I had high hopes.....She was sick over Christmas - just once (yes cats sometimes do have morning sickness!) and I’ve noted that since her return she has been unsettled and needy of attention, plus her nipples has also enlarged/changed shape. So, I was pretty convinced of her new health status but still watching for pinking. 

Her first pregnancy you see was mostly spent with her kept immobile, splinted & closed in a cage. This all necessary due to a freak mating injury which caused a her a painful toe dislocation which then had to be relocated by our wonderful vet under while she was under anaesthesia. Luckily her pregnancy survived this, but But because of the caged time she had I had not really witnessed and this early hours of the morning mostly very needy & generally increasingly unsettled behaviour the last time. And if I had, maybe I’d have put it down to her being in pain and closed in. All in all, it’s been evident she is aware something is going on and she is eating a lot more too! 

Anticipated Diary Dates: 

If this is definitely true pinking I estimate that her kittening will occur on or around 23-25th February 2021. 

This being the case kittens would be ready to go in mid May 2021.

Expected kittens;

As Oz is solid blue and Prune solid black her kittens will be solid black or solid blue and will have her yellow/amber or his green eyes. Blue/Aqua eyes do not occur in this coat/skin colouration. 

Her previous litter was made up of 3 blue (2 boys, 1 girl) & 2 black, (2 girls). Sadly we lost one of the boys in the first days but with a bit of tube, then bottle feeding the remaining boy, Louis, who was struggling at first too made it and all 4 kittens grew into strong, healthy, robust kittens (now cats) with lovely personalities who each have gone as pets into the most fabulous new families - with 2 of the girls Lux & Karma even going together. 

Meanwhile, an extraordinary thing, one of the black girl kittens Elvira, who went off to live in Plymouth in 2019, was unexpectedly joined during the summer of 2020 when Noodle’s girls, Gamora & Nebula, from her 2 singleton litters born by C-Section in 2017 & 2018 found themselves being displaced (by a dog!!!) & needing a new loving home. 

It could have been a terribly worrying time since I was then, as now, shielding from COVID plus I had not long previously, rather unceremoniously broken all 3 ankle bones of my left foot needing extensive surgical repair and a 10 week plaster! So much for saving the NHS 🌈 ! Good job Dee!

Proving beyond doubt that Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kitten parents truly do become extended family I was & am forever humbled & grateful when Ley & sons Zebb & Kallum, immediately offered them a fabulous loving forever home alongside Elvira, and her older boys Ash and furry Shady. 

Due to COVID (and my broken bones), the girls were collected and delivered by a courier - A big shout out here to Molly my committed and trusted courier who has since then also done another job for me when collecting NSCH new girl Floozy from Birmingham in September. Even  even in a pandemic we find ways to caringly, carefully & safely collect & deliver kittens!!!!

Upon reaching their new home it was obvious that Noodle’s darling little girls had become traumatised. Their previously cat-only home had been expanded to include a puppy who they had obviously become terrified by, thus they needed a new home. Thankfully 6 months on Ley’s enormous capacity for love & kind patience has worked some real strong cat-lady magic and they’re becoming well adjusted torture ladies again.  


So, with Prune confirmed pregnant, I will begin to blog updates here & on our Facebook page and later add vlogs on our popular YouTube channel as she expands from her usual svelte lithe self into a big round blooming flower. 

I’ll hopefully be able to capture the birthings & will then add birthing and kitten updates over the first action packed  days and over the 12 weeks they are with me before they get to go off into the world.... 

I really hope you’ll come along to share this ride with us. You can like/follow me or subscribe so you don’t miss a single thing!  

If you have interest in being owned by a gorgeous pure bred Sphynx kitten who has been lovingly home reared in an environment where all cats are more than equal  please do get in touch with us at NDCH. 

Just some key info; 


Kitten Applicants as always will be asked to complete a questionnaire (sent via email) & then shortly afterwards to accept time on a telephone consultation with me. This is standard and always occurs prior to an invitation to participate in a viewing. 

It’s important to me to foster trusting & open relationships with my prospective kitten parents to ensure that you receive all the support you need and that my kittens can have every opportunity to find brilliant families to become part of.


Please note: In light of COVID 19 and my clinically vulnerable status, I’m very sorry that no physical viewings will take place. We will instead hold video call viewings where you can observe kittens & their interactions, plus ask any questions you may have. Maybe you’ll choose one then too! 


If you  do choose to reserve a Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kitten, after paying the non-refundable reservation fee, you may then enjoy further video viewings of your kitten each week if you wish. In person viewings used to be open only from week 8 due to my home remaining closed to all unrelated visitors in order to safeguard vulnerable unvaccinated kittens from pathogens. Vaccinations will still be carried our at week 7-8 with the microchip inserted at the same time, plus the follow up vaccination at week 11-12. No kitten ever leaves without all 3 having been carried out. Plus, if at 12 weeks I feel any kitten needs a few extra time with mum I reserve the right to delay collection.  


Again due to COVID, all kitten collections in mid May must be doorstep only & by appointment. I am medically immune suppressed & cannot invite anyone into my home. I will take your carrier inside to secure your kitten before passing him/her out with their kitten pack. It’s not ideal but it is the only way we have to make this work. 

I welcome all questions at any time & encourage continued contact where new families and love when they choose to share photos and stories of their new family member through their life. Please note that in any event I will make contact with you at least every 6 months just to ensure all is well. 

So, having lost last year, Prune’s journey begins for this long awaited second litter...

Not the right time or unsuccessful this time: 

It might be that the right kitten for you was not available this time, or we were inundated with more applications than kittens; don’t despair!

Thorough having had 2 c-sections I made the decision to have Noodle spayed we do now have Floozy who was born in June 2020. Floozy is solid blue & I plan, eventually, to breed her to Oz too leading to an all solid blue litter. Her first litter will at the very earliest not be in very late 2021 or better yet, she will hold fire for 2022. 


Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire does not keep a resident active male. I want to make sure that my girls are not overbred/continuously pregnant. Often the female is receptive again within just weeks of giving birth, while still feeding her current litter. Additionally, I do not not feel any degree of comfort with needing to live in a home whereby I must shut a pet away on their own to avoid matings. That animal would immediately cease to be a family member and lead a lonely life. It is not for me or my animals. 

My girls are family members. While I do carefully breed for a short period, they are not kitten producing machines. Their continued good health & longevity is my top priority. Breeding life for each lady is short and during this time it is controlled, plus, a bonus is that I can choose to use the services of carefully vetted stud males thus a wide gene pool protecting the breed from the dangers of inbreeding and I can make informed breeding choices. 

I’m sure they’ll be loads more information to come, for now, Happy New Year! 

Dee, Noodle, Prune & Floozy


Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire