Sunday 30 August 2020

Birthdays in lockdown


Prunella’s beautiful babies from her first litter whom were born last year during the early hours of July 3rd 2019 have celebrated their first birthday’s in style.

We were delighted that when wishing sisters Elvira, Lux & Karma plus brother Louis that all four babies had become stunning adult cats who continue to delight their families.

All 4 siblings are neutered pets. Lux & Karma who share their home with human parents Charlotte & Louis  have left litter trays in the past having been patiently & gradually trained to go while perched on the toilet though as far as I know, neither has learned to flush!

Elvira has a dynamic household having gone to share a home with furry Shady ( yes, the real slim!) and fellow but senior Sphynx cat Ash. The family swelled again when they were joined in June by 2 new adult Sphynx sisters who required a new loving home thus swelling their household numbers considerably since they have not only their human mummy Ley but also their 2 adult human brothers Zebb & Kallum. Sadly for the family dear gent Ash more recently has died. 

Finally dear Louis who was the smallest of the bunch and who lives with his human family of 4 Celebrated his birthday with a very special birthday cake presented by his human dad Maurice.