Monday 11 December 2017

Week 7 - 8

Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?

Possibly not, but they sure as heck want to help with wrapping gifts!

No Chistmas decor this year. My home is already a full on kitty playground and assault course without my adding to it with a tree to climb and fall from or know down... to have it festooned with baubles they will swipe at and knock off before chasing the around the room... or hung with fairy lights where they are sure to become tangled.

It might be a bit bah-humbug but honestly if you could see these girls running and jumping from room to room playing chase or laying in ambush of one another you'd understand.

In this last week, I have been trying to complete some projects destined to be or form part of gifts for people. One of these is a knitted mermaid. I wanted to do some bead work on her... add necklace and bracelets and perhaps a beaded headband. The thread is invisible, and the beads tiny and delicate... not an easy recipe at the best of times so I tried to pick my timing of working at it coordinating this with nap time. Can you tell yet that it was a disaster? Tipping beads into a container, no matter how quietly you try to do it, to a cat or kitten is like a call to action and so come running they did, leaping and bounding, climbing or sitting right in the way.... I needed three pairs of hands at least.... just as beads were strung I'd find that I was on the flight path as a kitten would run into my invisible thread  taking it and the beads with it... or jumping up into my container sending beads flying. Frustration wasnt the word after having recovered beads and begun again time and time again.

In the end I resorted to closing them into the playpen just to get that job done.

Next came gift wrapping which I knew would be manner from heaven for them. The sound of paper being unrolled, cat and folded, or of tape being ripped from the roll was too exciting to ignore and getting involved was a great game!

Time and again I have wished for my eyeballs to be fitted with video camera, as day by day there are moments I would love to have captured. Mum and daughter involved in games or hunt, ambushes with my dear sweet kitten making these cute little sideways jumps trying to appear bigger than she is, or the cutest or funniest moments as she is startled by somthing real or imagined and seems to jump in the air and land in different poses. As always, any portraight type photo shot where both mum and baby are awake has been almost impossible when I want a result that is crystal clear. Instead they are blurred as one of them will move at the last moment!!!!