Thursday 14 December 2017


Today was a milestone in the life of Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire as a cattery as we received our first visitor to see Noodle's kitten who as you know I have been calling Pot.

A very gorgeous & very funky lady called Kirsty arrived at our door and came in to meet us. We spent a wonderful couple of hours talking together; a time during which she was I think very able to see the kind of home environment that Noodle and her kitten live in.

It was a joy to see someone so enamoured with my little kitten. I felt instantly drawn to Kirsty and hope she felt some degree of connection to me too as I'd love it if she felt she wanted to kept in touch in future when she takes Pot home. You got it - Yes she has reserved her.

It is a funny kind of feeling... I knew that once Pot was seen that anyone would become smitten and so would wish to buy her, but until that actually happened I could think of Pot as still being mine.  Now that she is reserved though I must begin to think of her as belonging to another family and learn to disconnect a little. It is a transition that, if I am to become a longterm breeder, I must be able to cope with. Meanwhile I still have a few weeks left where she will still be in our care.

 Good job too since there is much still to do before Pot is ready. First she must have her vaccinations given 3 weeks apart...and be wormed, and have her microchip fitted. She has some more growing to do and is still enjoying suckling on mum, though strictly speaking the mother's milk is no longer her main source of food and is simply a comfort thing.

Congratulations Kirsty and Family and Congratulations to Pot. Soon you'll have a new family, a new home  and a new name!