Friday 7 June 2024

Emergency Surgery

 The last post I wrote declared kittens were on the way and indeed, all appeared as if they were however, days after this post Prune became quite unwell and we sped off to see the vet. He did a scan and immediately told me ‘something was going on in there but no embryos could be seen on the scan. He told me that he needed to operate there and then which is very very frightening for any pet owner. I was given two scenarios… if it was a cancer, he would not wish to wake her up again, and anything else found would be addressed once he had opened her up. 

I got home and set up a pen on my bedroom so that she could come home (if she was well enough to) and be able to be kept immobile and safe. And waited for what seemed like so long. A couple of hours pass and I’m told she is alive, no cancer but the biggest intact pyometra he had ever seen in any cat. Usually they leak pus and give themselves away but how this was intact was a surprise given its size. It was attached to the bladder and the womb and ovaries had to be removed along with it. A photo of the pyo in a large kidney dish with a 30cm ruler showed that if straightened out it would be about 40-45cm long. A scalpel opened it afterwards and it was filled with poisonous pus. I was informed jad I not brought her it would have burst within hours and she would not have survived it. 

She returned home with pain meds, a week of antibiotics and a belly sewn down the middle. Bless her heart. A week into recovery things were better in some ways but then she started being bladder incontinent despite weeing in the tray regularly. Everywhere she settled was wet all of the time. Back at the vet she was lightly sedated and her bladder emptied. A scan revealed the internal wound stump looked inflamed. A blood test showed her kidneys had taken a battering with numbers on op day good, a week later she had grade 2 kidney failure. We returned home more comfortable, with more antibiotics for a further week. Within 48 hours the leaking has d stopped. And a week later on review I reported a much brighter cat. We were going to repeat the blood test that day but Mark my vet said let’s wait a couple of weeks as he would have asked for a 4tj test then anyway. So we made another date and went home to continue healing. By the time we went back again my formerly very sick cat was once more engaging in play, cuddles, had regained weight lost and was bright eyed enough to even having been wheel running too. Bloods taken again revealed improvement on her kidneys with a warning that any future general anaesthetic may not be dvissble and we would have to be careful what meds she might have later on in her life. Great news, except now they reveal liver issues and so a supplement was devised which we are now in receipt of and will start in the morning. 

I’m so so disappointed that there were no kittens after all. A final litter from Prune would have been a delight. She has been a remarkable mum over these last recent years. But I’m also very very VERY grateful to still have her to care for and love. 

Losing her after the trauma of losing Noodle last June (Father’s Day) would have been unbearable. She will have the best retirement that I can give her and hope this new supplement prescription will help her live a long and spoilt life.

Meanwhile there’s the small matter of her daughter Plum who just turned two and has been seeking a suitable mate. A stud boy we had waited for, didn’t do well on his heart score unfortunately so the search began all over again! Thanks to some kind breeders in the community we have now found another lad for her who has all of his tests and papers in place. 

She has just come down from her latest heat cycle so it will be on the next one in 3 weeks of so that she will get to meet him. 

There will be kittens, just not as soon as I’d hoped to have them! Plum was born here and so when she has kittens of her own they will be the first second generation ones born in my cattery! 

Quite the wound. 

Prune (left) & daughter Plum just after the incontinence saga (puppy pads on every surface!)

And here is my beautiful Prune now ♥️