Thursday 18 April 2024

Kittens incoming!!!!

My wonderful and remarkable Prune (Prunella Prudence) is pregnant. We are on DAY 20 & she has shown me all the signs needed to diagnose a successful pregnancy.

Since returning from her honeymoon holiday with her handsome beau Pru had been off her food, disliking her normal dish. With such short gestation it’s likely that this was caused by morning sickness. Yes really! 

By day 21 even if no other signs are apparent we expect to witness ‘Pinking’ which is the main physical sign.  If I had any doubt at all by now then the colour change in her teats would clearly announce that she is pregnant. I can confirm that they are sporting a nice rosy. 

Other changes in Pru are that her usually slim tummy is both more firm and gently rounded meaning the foetus’s are in place and rapidly developing. I wonder how many there are? What sexes and what colour each will be!!!  

Additionally,  as is totally normal for Pru, she gets very EXTRA in terms of being needy and this has also been going on. Unfortunately for me she mostly exhibits this extreme behaviour at night, suffice to say there’s going to be lots of broken sleep but with wonderful purrs and immense cuddles ahead. 

Look how lush she looks today. Im biased I know but she is a very pretty girl with such a striking look! I hope you’ll keep popping back to see the changes happening to her over the coming few weeks. 


With feline pregnancy lasting just 63-65 days, with us already at 20 days, this means these kittens will arrive at the very end of May or very early June! 

Kitten colours

Prune is solid black with vivid bright yellow-green eyes. Her beau is solid blue with a paler watery jade green eyes.

All their kittens will therefore be either solid black or solid blue. Previous litters between these two have all had the pale green eyes of their dad. 

Kitten Viewings

Video call

By arrangement once feeding is well established for the litter. 

In person visits

Offered by appointment only from week 8 (*only once 24 hours has passed after receiving first vaccinations and microchip implants).

Repeat Visits

If you choose to reserve a kitten, you may return weekly until collection day. Some new families like to practice bathing and grooming under guidance. 

Kitten Collection

Kittens will leave with their full kitten packs no earlier than 12 weeks and only after their second vaccinations and health clearance has been given from our vet. * please note that I reserve the right to withhold any kitten - even if she or he has been fully paid for, should either my vet or I feel that they could do with a little extra time at the cattery with their mother. This would always be with the well-being of the kitten at its core. 

Prune is set for retirement.

This will be Pru’s very last litter. She is to be neutered after this litter are fully weaned. She very much deserves to enjoy her senior years in peace & so will continue to be the much revered and loved matriarch of my household. 


Pru’s daughter Plum Pipsqueak is now of age and is letting me know that she is more than ready to meet the Tomcat of her dreams. I hope this will happen in mid to late May (subject to his heart screening)

Are YOU thinking of buying a Pedigree Sphynx Kitten to be part of your family? 

If you are looking for a top quality Sphynx kitten who comes from heart & FULLY health screened screened parents from a breeder who is pet centred, caring & ethical please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to answer your questions & be your guide if this is required. I look forward to hearing from you soon,