Friday 18 March 2022

It’s mating time again!

Well, spring has sprung - which means our cat’s bodies have reawaken and for active queens those heat cycles start up as they enquire, often loudly, for a mate.

I’ve been fortunate that, her chosen stud, Oz was free to entertain her, so this morning we jumped in the car for a marathon road trip of about 4 hours of driving to drop her off at his ‘gaff’. With the plan being to  go back to collect her in a few days time…. 

Will she or won’t she? Is she or isn’t she? 

Hopefully being as this is their fourth meeting over the years, they’ll recognise each other and will ‘get it on’ right away.  If so, after several matings they’ll have over the next few days & nights she will come back to me beautifully pregnant with what will be their 3rd litter together.  

Timing wise, If she is successfully pregnant I should begin to witness her ‘pinking up’ around about 8th April, this being the breeder’s confirmation that the queen is most certainly expecting and around 21 days into her 63-65 day pregnancy. 

I find it endlessly fascinating that a litter can be grown in such a short space of time, from speed meeting egg to kittens being born. 

Dates then can be plotted out  with the birthing due to occur around about May 22nd. Those dates may of course vary by a day or two but this would mean, for new families wishing to take on any of her beautiful kittens they would be ready to be viewed in mid July & collected from mid August. Exciting times! 

What will the kittens be like? 

Both parents are HCM scanned by accredited veterinary cardiologists annually, & have been tested for fiv/felv. 

Whether male or female, Prune’s kittens will all be born solid in colour, either blue like their sire or black like the same. Their eye colour will be yellow green to green. 

Do let me know if you would like to be considered as a family for any of Prune’s expected kittens as soon as you can. Don’t delay as they are always sought after by fellow breeders (to add to their own cattery/breeding line) as well as by families looking for a Sphynx companion to join their family.  Just a click the email link below to begin our conversation. I can’t wait to meet you!