Wednesday 23 March 2022

And so now we wait….

Travelled today to bring Prune home again after her meeting up with her ‘husband’ for a few days. They got on well & I think remember one another with Prune happily sharing space on her heated mat cuddled up side by side. We never travel or stay anywhere without the essentials- which for my girls are their heat pads - I reckon there’s every chance that Oz favours Prune just for providing that though he also reportedly enjoys tucking into her Orijen! 

Arriving home - and emerging from her carrier, she is eagerly greeted by Noodle who wonders why the heck she smells so different following closely nose checking as she goes. Prune meanwhile is going from room to room to ensure nothing has changed before leaping into the litter tray, taking a drink and then promptly putting herself to bed for a rest. I love how she can get herself entwined in a blanket (yes on a heat pad!) . Having checked out the carrier for foreign scents, Noodle follows Prunes lead, though requires me for blanket duties 

Day 21 from my taking Prune to Oz will be April the 8th. I expect to see pinking nipples around about then, maybe the 9th if they didn’t mate on day 1…? So all we can do now is wait patiently, feed her well & enjoy their cuddles in this glorious sunny spring weather.