Sunday 28 April 2019

Prune’s first HCM Scanning & Matings

Yesterday was a monumental day in which a lot of miles were covered in order to ensure that Prunella Prudence and that the mate earmarked for her as a mate were heart fit & suitable candidates to parent the next generations of Sphynx cat’s.

Prune and I set off at 9am leaving Noodle home alone which is not something I like to do.

We were headed first to Gloucester in order to rendezvous with our friend Sarah and then to travel onward together to Chesterfield.

Arriving in good time, Pru and I transferred to Sarah’s car where with her stud cat Oz we went onward together now to Chesterfield where we were booked in at the Hairless Hearts UK HCM scanning clinic with cardiologist Vicky Ironside.

We arrived early, which was fine since we had allowed ourselves plenty of travel time in case of traffic hold ups.

Pru’s heart was duly examined. I’m delighted to say that she is now certified as being without sign of HCM disease. The same is also true of  Sarah’s Oz. For NSCH this is great news as is the fact that  Prunella obligingly went into heat the day before we travelled, thus, with both cats scanning clear, I was able to leave Pru with Sarah so that the two could mate ASAP.

We arrived back to Dursley at 6:30pm unloaded cats and carriers and getting back in my own vehicle I drove on home now quite alone, arriving back at just before 9pm. Phew.