Tuesday 26 December 2023

Getting ready for 2024 kittening

Well, it’s Boxing Day, and everyone has been gifted and filled with indulgent food, including the cats who are loving their new mice, especially Plum who is very vociferous about her catch.

Handsome has very much enjoyed playing chase the Scalextric much to the annoyance of the children (them ranging from 5 to 39 years old!, while Prune has been either quietly sleeping away the afternoons or telling anyone who will listen her woes - this because she has come into heat very hard being as it’s  the first one in a long while. 

To see them here in this photo you’d never believe the amount of mischief they have tried to get in between today! Front is mum Prune, then there is Handsome & little Plum Pipsqueak both born in 2022

I’m already planning with appointments booked for ditto  by the i’s and crossing the T’s. Blood testing for the two ladies is taking place in January and then their heart screening is scheduled with Vicky Ironside in mid February so that we can press GO in late February or early March with them as they come into call after all the screening is in hand. 

2024 is going to be Prunella’s last litter. I had actually planned to retire her this year since I was having no kittens during 2923 however, I had a very special request made for a kitten from her by someone who is very dear to me so I am giving her a final litter after which she will be spayed and can finally retire in peace. She is an incredible mum & has birthed some truly remarkable babies so she absolutely deserves my thanks & a rest! She has her favourite resting spots & little quirks about when she must have her cuddles and how close to my face she must be to get them! She is being mated again to Ozwald.

Meanwhile, her daughter Plum Pipsqueak is in her second year & so she will be having her first mating in 2024 for which we have picked out a fully DNA negative tested male who carries several colours. I can’t wait to see what colour kittens there union will create! I’m hoping that from that litter I can keep a female.

I look forward to sharing all of the news here as it all begins to unfold. PIf you are looking for a Sphynx kitten I hope very much that you’ll drop me a line & will be “come the lucky recipient of one of Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire 2924 kittens