Saturday 2 October 2021

This town….

🎼 Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?

We danced and sang, and the music played in a de boomtown 🎶 

Well it certainly feels a little like a ghost town at the Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire Cattery with 3 boys having left within 24 hours of each other! Paperwork and formalities done, each set off for pastures new.

But how are they doing?

Well young Grogu left first, setting of for a new adventure with his new siblings Willow & Damian. He hit the ground running having discovered that these children make fabulous playmates to run & chase around with. He learned stairs in no time apparently and enjoyed the thrill of racing Damian up & down. So excited by his new fortunes was he that he forgot for a while that he needed to eat, but his mum says that she managed to coax him and after that first taste he soon remembered his appetite. During the night he wasn’t sure where he was but rather than make any “mistakes” he mewed to wake his new mum at silly o’clock to remind him where he needed to go and has been a little like Goldilocks trying out the different sleeping arrangements in various bedrooms, making himself welcome by purring like mad. I think that he has gone in and lit up that household in his own unique way. I can’t wait to see more photos & videos as he grows. 

Today bright & early (well early anyway, the weather is dreadful) Basil was collected & driven home where he will  meet Otis his furry feline sibling, plus 2 sibling dogs & his 5 new sibling hoomans who are all eager to meet him. He slept soundly all the way home & made himself at home. Being a more considered kind of character, I think perhaps he may take a little time absorb his surroundings before he gains confidence in his new habitat and  turns their lives upside down with his antics.

Because Basil was leaving so early, this left space for Vincent to be collected in the afternoon and so his new mum arrived full of excitement to collect him earlier than anticipated. He is currently on route to his new abode.

Prune has definitely noticed the losses. Having eased up on it a lot in the last 2 or 3 weeks, she is once more carrying mice around from room to room as she calls to her kittens to come. She will do this for a day or two wondering where they are hiding and worrying about their whereabouts before accepting that they are not here. 

Humpty “the last man standing” is going to be with us another fortnight, which is not ideal as Prune may have to go through this separation twice, but unfortunately he cannot be collected sooner. He will undoubtedly pair up with Floozy for play. But I wonder too if they might (belatedly), form a partnership somewhat similar to the one Prune did so long ago (in 2018) with Noodle’s last kitten, Nebula as they were inseparable from very early on, with Noodle hardly getting a look in with her kitten! If this does now happen, even though later in the day it might serve to draw an end to the mothering relationship with Prune before he leaves. Prune herself, once accepting that her kittens have gone may not allow him to suckle, and so sever the bond. 

Anyway… Thank you for collecting your amazing kittens Danni, Clair & Andrea. I’m looking forward to your stories now, so it’s over to you ❤️🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾❤️