Saturday 22 June 2019

With about 10 (ish) days to go Prune is making the most of it and sleeping alongside her ‘sister’ Noodle. It’s cute how they spend so much time sharing space and,  even if there is the odd spat, there is a symbiotic relationship of grooming each other.

Pru was so interested and nosey when Noodle’s last litter arrived, not sure at first what these noisy creatures were she would stand tall like a meerkat to see what was happening in the nursing box. She watched on for days gradually getting nearer and nearer until overcoming her fear she was sharing space and ‘helping’ Noodle with her mothering tasks.

By the time the remaining kitten was weaned she was happy to be the big sister and the relationship she had with that kitten was so close; where Nebula went so did Prune (and visa-versa). So, I wonder what will happen after next week when the roles are reversed and Noodle is the one watching on??

Since having kittens, a newborn kitten or even human baby cry will see her on full alert. Something in her is switched on to provide maternal care. It’s incredible to see and in fact those who’ve witnessed this happening,  particularly with a human baby, have been awed by her solicitous need to care.

Will she try to help Pru? Will Pru remember what she learned last year? I’m so excited to find out and see the new relationships develop over coming weeks and how changed Pru will be once she has become a mother. 🐾🐾❤️❤️🐾🐾 .