Thursday 15 March 2018

Snow Fall

Well, all that snow we had at the end of February into March was rather a novelty and while the kids played happily outside, inside, for there two pampurred girls the icy weather called for warm fleeces to be pulled out and for the heating turned up a notch or two.

Thankfully Noodle still fitted into her fleecy tops but Prune not having one of her own had to borrow one.  Owing to it being slightly large this meant that as she walked forwards her back legs would step onto the hem of the Tshirt causing her to trip and fall.  A nappy pin soon sorted that holding the shirt closer to her tummy. It wasn't long before the Naked Sphynx girls toasty. Once dressed they didn't move far away from their beloved heat mat or snuggle bags.

Prune is being selfish and hogging all of the heat pad.
Only enough room for Noodle to have her bottom warmed!

That's better. Now they are sharing the space!